Columbia University alumni event CUAAJ Relay Seminar

Mr. Koji Ikeya


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Executive Vice President CFO

Event Summary
日時:4月18日(火)19:00〜21:00(18:30開場 ~ Welcome drink)
講演者:池谷 光司様 (BUS 88)
無料:Zoom による参加

Event Summary
Date and time: Tuesday, April 18, 19:00-21:00 (doors open at 18:30 ~ Welcome drink)

Venue: Gakushi Kaikan
Speaker: Koji Ikeya (BUS 88)

Note: The event will be held both offline and online. Discussion will be held in Japanese language
CUAAJ paid member and/or CBSCJ paid member: 6,000 yen
Non Member: 7,000 yen
Remote attendance by zoom: Free
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今回のイベントでは、昨年から定期開催している『日本経済・日本企業復活に向けたカギを探る』をテーマとした講演会の第3回目として、三菱自動車工業 代表執行役副社長であり、CBSCJ同窓会会長でもある池谷 光司氏(BUS 88)にご講演頂きます。

同講演では『三菱自動車工業/企業改革の取組み - 日本企業再生に向けたケーススタディ - 」と題して、池谷氏が三菱UFJ銀行担当役員及び同社CFOという立場で三菱自動車工業の経営に長く携わってきた経験を踏まえ、同社の企業改革に向けた取組みの数々をご紹介頂きます。




This is an announcement of CUAAJ relay seminar. The event is co-hosted by CBSCJ.

This event is resonating with the third in the series of CBSCJ seminars that CBSCJ has been organizing since last year under the theme of “Looking for Clues to Revival of Japanese Economy and Japanese Companies“ and the speaker will be Mr. Koji Ikeya, Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and CFO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and Chair of CBSCJ (BUS 88).

Mr. Ikeya will talk under the title of “Mitsubishi Motors Corporation / Corporate Restructuring Efforts-A Case Study on the Revival of a Japanese Company-” and will present corporate restructuring activities undertaken by Mitsubishi Motors based on his long leadership experience as MMC’s CFO, as well as an executive of MUFG Bank.

His talk will include a detailed discussion of how a Japanese company should acquire “the ability to generate profits” sustainably by going beyond a temporary performance recovery through drastic cost reductions and “improving the quality of sales” through higher pricing and lower sales expenses, which Japanese companies are not good at.

Mr. Ikeya will also review Japan’s lost three decades, looking back on his own experience with MUFG Bank where he was involved in a number of major corporate reorganization deals in automobile, electronic, aviation, trading house and other industries, and provide insight into what direction we should be heading in to resurge Japan’s economy and businesses.

This event is co-hosted by Columbia University alumni association of Japan and Columbia Business School Club of Japan and there will be a reception after the seminar for all participants to network with each other. So do not miss out on this opportunity. Non-members are also very welcome to attend.